Tier 5: A Hearthstone Podcast

Tier 5: A Hearthstone Podcast - Episode 28 A Legendary Dad Returns

December 13, 2017

Warning! This episode may contain audio hiccups!

The GREAT Ben Reddington of http://www.dadlegend.com/ makes his triumphant return to the podcast, becoming our first repeat guest!  Ben, Rod and Adam discuss what they've been doing with the new meta.  The new single player content is discussed extensively, with tips and tricks from the guys!

Rod has made his first deck of the week!

### Control
# Class: Warlock
# 2x (1) Kobold Librarian
# 2x (1) Voidwalker
# 1x (2) Bloodmage Thalnos
# 2x (2) Defile
# 2x (2) Doomsayer
# 2x (2) Drain Soul
# 1x (2) Tainted Zealot
# 2x (2) Vulgar Homunculus
# 2x (4) Hooked Reaver
# 2x (5) Despicable Dreadlord
# 1x (5) Skull of the Man'ari
# 1x (6) Rin, the First Disciple
# 2x (6) Siphon Soul
# 2x (7) Abyssal Enforcer
# 2x (8) Twisting Nether
# 1x (9) Master Oakheart
# 2x (9) Voidlord
# 1x (10) Bloodreaver Gul'dan

Go to the Dad Legend discord (after the Tier 5 discord, of course!) https://discordapp.com/invite/wyWN67Z 

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